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Using a collection management system can help you keep all your collection information in one place. By bringing together your individual item records together it can help you with collection management activity by converting your information into a searchable and flexible resource.

Collection management software (and digital asset management software) varies in capabilities, capacity required to run it and cost. The links below offer a range of options from free open source packages to subscription options for every budget.

Please note that you do not need to use collection specific software to manage your collection effectively. Using a simple spreadsheet package is an acceptable alternative.

Museum approach

If you are looking to assess which package is right for your organisation Collections Trust has a useful tool which allows you to filter and search for software that is suitable for your collection.

Archive approach

The National Archives has a list of recommended software of archives cataloguing which includes information of the functionality of each package.

Organisations with archive collections have the opportunity to upload their collection information to Discovery which is The National Archives’ online catalogue portal. You can find out more information about this in their Manage Your Collection section.

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