Using audience segmentation and audience persona

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Audience segmentation and audience personas are useful tools to help you interpret your visitor data and support you to use it to inform future planning.

How to create an audience persona

By creating an audience persona you are adding human characteristics to your audience data. This can help you ‘step into their shoes’ and think like your visitors which can inform any programming and planning you do. Culture Hive have created an Audience Persona Toolkit to help you create audience persona based on your visitor data.

Using audience segmentation

Segmentation enables you to divide and organise the population into meaningful and manageable groups, or segments. Using this information you can then adapt your activities, services, projects or methods of communication to the needs and preferences of each group. The Audience Agency have a clear Segmentation Made Easy guide to help you.

Increasing diversity

When looking to develop your audiences you may wish to look at how to increase the diversity of the people who engage with your heritage as well as increase the overall numbers. The Open Up – Museums for everyone: A practical guide to support museums to increase the diversity of their visitors publication is a good starting point for this type of audience development work.

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