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Once you understand your duties under the current access legislation and have undertaken a self-assessment of your physical and online accessibility you will have a good understanding of the range of ways in which your visitors access your services. The next step is to bring this information together in an Access policy and Access plan.

Access policy

Develop an Access Policy for your organisation, addressing the different ways in which visitors, staff and online visitors access and use your services. The Northern Ireland Museums Council (NIMC) have produced a useful Access Policy Statement template.

Examples of Access Policies for museums:

How to write an Access Policy for an archive:

Access plan

Once you have your Access Policy written and agreed by your Board, and approved by your staff and anyone who you have consulted develop an Access Plan. The Access Plan should be based on the recommendations of the access audit.  This can be a stand alone document or can form part of a strategic plan, for example, your Forward Plan or Audience Development Plan.

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