Level 3: Next steps

From Our Toolkit

What this might look like for you:

  • You and your governing body want to ensure you are maintaining good practice
  • Your board is operating efficiently and effectively and is looking for new challenges
  • You want to check you have the right systems and structure in place to grow and diversify if you want to
  • You want to align yourself with an external quality standard for wider recognition
  • You are wanting to embark on new project which is a new area of work for the board

Suggested activity: 

  • Review your business plan to ensure that your fundamental elements eg.mission, vision and values, are still right for your organisation
  • Update your action plan in light of any new internal changes or external influences
  • Align your business plan with an external standard for example, Museum Accreditation, Archives Accreditation, Improving Quality framework

You can either work through or dip in and out of the sections below to support you with these tasks.

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