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Crowdfunding can be an effective way to fundraise from your supporters. However it is important to pitch your project so that it is attractive to your audiences and that you have the time and capacity to set up and manage the campaign while it is running.

An introduction to crowdfunding

If you are new to crowdfunding, CultureHive has a good introduction to crowdfunding resource as well as guidance on choosing the right crowdfunding model for you.

Choosing the right platform

Charity Digital have created a short summary of the pros and cons of the main crowdfunding platforms for charities.

Advice on how to set up your campaign

The Inspiring Fundraising toolkit provides useful advice on setting up your campaign. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations has produced guidance on setting up and running your campaign.

The National Archives provides a raft of information and guidance on crowdfunding as well as a 4 module course on crowdfunding which is available on their YouTube channel.

Advice is also available from the individual funding platforms for example from Crowdfunder – Online courses

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