Level 1: Getting started

From Our Toolkit

What this might look like for you:

  • You are looking to set up a new group to manage and safeguard your heritage
  • You are new to governance and want to understand the role governance plays in the success of an organisation
  • You want to review and refresh the key governance tasks your organisation is undertaking

Suggested activity:

  • Decide what you want to do as an organisation and where your funding will come from
  • Decide upon the best legal structure for you (informed by the above)
  • Decide whether to incorporate or become a charitable organisation (including CIO or CIC) Write your governing document
  • Write your terms of reference
  • Hold you first meeting
  • Plan your first year of activity
  • Recruit for your governing body
  • Find out what your legal compliance is over equalities, health & safety, insurance, safeguarding, copyright and data protection

You can either work through or dip in and out of the sections below to support you with these tasks.

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