Volunteer monitoring and evaluation

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The monitoring and evaluation of volunteers is useful not only for the management and development of your volunteers, but also provides information to support funding applications and the development of your organisation.

Volunteering England and NCVO’s Monitoring and evaluation a volunteer programme information sheet lists the following reasons:

  • To measure the quality of the volunteers’ experience within your organisation
  • To identify the impact that volunteers have on your organisation, both in terms of their contribution and their economic value
  • To identify areas in your volunteer programme that may need improvement
  • Funders may require you to monitor and evaluate your volunteer programme

Community Work’s Evaluate webpages and Sport England’s Volunteer Evaluation Toolkit provide tools and methodology to support your organisation in widening your monitoring and evaluation beyond the collection of numbers of people volunteering.

The Get Out Get Active is a useful toolkit which specifically focuses on measuring and demonstrating the impact of volunteers.

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