Accessible design

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Accessible and inclusive design of your physical spaces is good for all. Making it easier for people to understand and navigate spaces.

Inclusive exhibition design

The National Museums of Scotland: Exhibitions for All – A practical guide to designing inclusive exhibitions includes advice which is applicable to non-exhibition spaces in your site too.

Access Advisory Group

An advisory group can be temporary for a particular project or longer term acting as an a sounding board for developments at your organisation. You can also approach local disability support groups/ organisations who are often willing to offer advice and guidance.

The Horniman Museum’s Setting up an Access Advisory Panel advises that a group will be unique to your organisation and its needs. It offers top tips on setting up and running a group.

There is a lot of official guidance out there but there is often no one better than your local disability groups, to offer advice and try out changes, and in the process you make new friends and build new audiences.

Local groups:

To find groups near to you try searching for:

  • Disability Forum/ access/ mobility groups
  • Association for the Blind/ Visually Impaired
  • d/Deaf association
  • MIND
  • Brain injury support groups, such as Headway
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