Writing your case for support

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You case for support is the compelling argument you make to the funder to secure their investment. You can develop a case for support for your whole organisation or for individual projects.

It is good practice to develop an overarching example for your organisation which can then be tailored for different funders. When writing your document it is recommended to get the input and feedback of a range of people from your organisation.

For museums and arts organisations:

For archives:

For Scotland:

Using your case for support in a funding application

When applying for funds it is important to tailor your case for support to the requirements of your chosen funder. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations has advice on how to write applications.

Sporting Heritage webinar: Income Diversification – sustainability during and after Covid 19 webinar

Find out more about writing your case for support from Sporting Heritage’s Business Development lead,  Jo Boardman in this packed session. The section on case for support starts at 36 minutes.

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