Benchmarks in Collections Care

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Benchmarks in Collection Care is the recognised best practice self assessment checklist for any organisation which looks after a collection. It is structured into three levels: Basic, Good and Best and at each level it sets out clear benchmarks for the collection care activity.

By completing the assessment it organisations can see what they are doing well, where they can improve their practice and then measure their progress as they work through the levels.

Specifically, Benchmarks can be used to:

  • highlight the importance of collections care
  • identify achievement in collection care
  • give an indication of which improvements in collections care might be needed
  • provide a practical framework for measuring progress, and creating forward plans
  • provide a framework for managing risk to your collection

The Benchmarks self-assessment is not a standard in itself but draws from a range of standards.  It also links to a number of the requirements of the Accreditation standard so can help an organisation as they work towards an Accreditation submission.

The advantage of using Benchmarks is that it is a tried and trusted management tool that has recently been updated to comply with best practice.

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