As part of our NLHF Resilience programme, we explored how to better support the sector's networking activity as part of our stakeholder analysis work.

As a result, we've developed a new approach to our networking delivery. From now on, we will be running sector wide networking events, and scheduling breakout rooms within the networking events to allow people to discuss specific themes, sports, or locality issues.

This means, we'll still be delivering opportunities for networks which focus on the four nations, on specific sports such as the Football Heritage Network, for specific needs such as Heritage Champions, and on specific collection areas, such as the National Collections network. But we'll have more scope to build on these in line with your needs, and for cross-discussions to take place which otherwise may not have happened.

Our network events will be scheduled three times a year. In January and September they will be delivered online by Zoom, and in May we will run an in-person networking evening before our annual conference.