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There are a range of organisations who run national campaigns to encourage people to engage in heritage. They provide resources and support to help you run an activity linked to their initiative and can often help you promote it via their website and / or social media

National Sporting Heritage Day – 30th September

Held on the 30th September, National Sporting Heritage Day is the flagship annual event to celebrate sporting heritage and use the stories it holds to educate and inspire. The day is for everyone involved in sport and heritage from grassroots teams, community sports organisations, museums and archives, universities, schools, and National Governing Bodies across all sports. The day aims to be as diverse and representative as possible and make sports heritage accessible to all.

National Sporting Heritage Day has a series of resources to help you plan your day.

Kids in Museums – 12th November

A Step-by-Step to Takeover Days is a month by month guide to help you plan a Takeover Day.

Other campaigns include:

Arts Award

Art Award aims to inspire young people to grow their art and leadership skills through five levels of qualifications.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom supports the use of other places outside the class room as places for pupils to learn.

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