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The Accreditation Standard (2018) requires museums to develop policies to guide their collections management work. Using a collections management framework approach one possible way of managing collections.

Collections Trust – Collections management framework guidance

Museum approach

If you are applying for Accredited status you may choose to develop a collection management framework which has a series of inter-linked policies within it. Collections Trust’s Collection management framework guidance outlines the content of a framework. The Acquisitions policy and the Collections Development policies have already been covered in the toolkit. The remaining policies to complete the set are:

Collections documentation policy template

Collections access policy which should include:

  • How people can see, use and reference your collection, gain access to your museum buildings and sites and how you share information about the collection with people.
  • Outline the different ways you interpret your collections
  • How you enable public access to building, collection and information
  • Leeds Museums & Galleries have created an access policy statement which can be used for reference when creating your own.

Collections care and conservation policy which outlines how you plan to maintain and wherever possible improve the way you care for and conserve your collections

For further information about this policy see the Writing a Collections care and conservation policy subject in Level 2 of the Collections Care topic.

Archive approach

The Archive Accreditation Guidance provides information on the policies and documents which make up the Collection Management framework for archives from page 35 onwards. These support the areas of:

  • Collections development
  • Collections information
  • Collections care
  • Conservation
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