Developing your budget

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For any funding application you will need to submit a budget with a breakdown of the project expenditure (how you are intending to spend the money) and any income (for example any match funding or ‘in-kind’ contributions) you have to off-set the overall project cost.

Preparing your budget

Full cost recovery

As well as you project costs you may be able to include some of your organisation’s core costs, for example, heating, lighting, staffing, in your budget if your project will be using any of these. Including a proportion of your core costs in your grant is called full cost recovery.

Read the grant guidance

When developing your budget make sure you have read the guidance notes for your chosen grant stream to ensure that you are applying for funds for permitted activities. Each funding stream is different but the funder should detail what they will or won’t fund in the grant supporting information.

Examples of grant guidance giving detail of what can and can’t be funded:

If you still have queries after reading the guidance it is usually possible to call or email the funder to clarify allowable costs.

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