Adult talks and activities

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Use your collections as a starting point for what you want to offer. Think about what you have in your collections and what might be of interest. Then ask people what they want – is what you think is interesting to you, interesting to them?

What activity could we deliver?

You could offer a series of talks around a topic or theme, a behind the scenes tour, an evening with the curator. Or you may want to offer a practical workshop, for example art activities or a workshop exploring how to use the collections to find out more about their family.

Examples of adult activities

It is always worth looking at what other museums are offering. There are lots of organisations offering adult programming but here are a few examples:

Who will deliver?

You may have experts within your organisations or who you have good contacts with that can deliver. You could also think about partnering with an adult education college for local history or art activities, of an organisation such as the WEA or U3A.

Are our facilities and programmes accessible to older people?

Museum Development North West’s Age Friendly Museums’ Toolkit is a useful checklist to use. An easy to use checklist that covers the things you need to think about on-site and off-site when providing activities for older people.

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