West Dunbartonshire Council Archives

West Dunbartonshire Council Archives looks after records related to the people, places, businesses and communities in West Dunbartonshire. Among these, we hold a huge number of sporting collections, which provide a huge amount of information about the sporting history of the area, and the people who competed.

Listed below are the collections we hold; for more information or to make an appointment, please get in touch.


  • Clydesdale Harriers (Ref: GDC9) (1892-2008): Minutes of Committee Meetings and Annual General Meetings, Account Books, Correspondence, Race Results, Photographs, Club Handbooks
  • Dumbarton Amateur Athletics Club (Ref: GDD47) (1983): Leaflets
  • Vale of Leven Amateur Athletics Club (Ref: GDD3) (1945-1975): Minutes

Boat Racing:

  • Dumbarton Regatta Club (Ref: GDD13) (1830-1866): Minutes, Loch Lomond Regatta Races, Dumbarton Regatta Races


  • Dumbarton Amateur Bowling Club (Ref: GDD15) (1873-1925): Minutes, Letter Book
  • Dumbarton Bowling Club (Ref: GDD23) (1832-2006): Minutes, Event Programmes, Financial Records, Membership Cards, Land and Property Records
  • Eastfield Bowling Club (Ref: GDD57) (1981): Club Fixtures
  • Old Kilpatrick Bowling Club (Ref: GDC20) (1906-2005): Minutes, Competition Results
  • The Rock Bowling Club (Ref: GDD25) (1984-1999): Programmes, Centenary


  • Clydebank Cricket Club (Ref: GDC12) (1947-1987): Club Constitution, Minutes, Score Books, Correspondence, Club History, Photographs, Ephemera


  • Dumbarton Curling Club (Ref: GDD70) (20th century): Membership Card
  • Duntocher Curling Club (Ref: GDC6) (1838-2003): Minutes, Financial Records, Administrative Papers
  • Vale of Leven Curling Club (Ref: GDD18) (1864-1927): Minutes, Accounts


  • Lomond Roads Cycling Club (Ref: GDC5) (1941-1993): Minutes, Financial Records, Membership Book and Cards, Photographs, Correspondence


  • Dumbarton Football Club (Ref: GDD21) (1959-1993): Programmes, Ephemera
  • Dumbarton Harp Celtic Supporters Club (Ref: GDD69) (1988-1990): Minutes
  • Vale of Leven Football and Athletic Club (Ref: GDD38) (1989): Programmes


  • Cardross Golf Club (Ref: GDD2) (1905-1995): Club History
  • Dumbarton Golf Club (Ref: GDD16) (1892): Membership List
  • Dunbartonshire and Argyll Ladies County Golf Association (Ref: GDD95) (1909-2001)


  • Vale of Leven Academy P. P. Hockey Club (Ref: GDD71) (1927-1931): Correspondence


  • Clydebank Quoiting Club (Ref: GDC21) (1923-1970): Minutes, Financial Records, Correspondence, Books


  • Dumbarton Amateur Swimming Club (Ref: GDD24) (1914-1959): Minutes


  • Clyde Yacht Clubs Association (Ref: GDD83) (1971): Programmes
  • Dumbarton Yacht Club (Ref: GDD75) (1926): Model Guides
Three cyclist's waving to a passing train on the Dumbarton Cycle Path, 1988.
West Dunbartonshire Council Archives
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