Scottish Golf Museum, Memorabilia Collection

A virtual museum featuring a personal collection of golf memorabilia collected over 25 years.

Gary Dempster on his collection:

“In 2000 little did I realise when I received a signed Justin Leonard Caddie Bib, how totally obsessed I would become with collecting Golf Memorabilia.  Since then I have been fortunate enough to add thousands of items to my collection. One day I hope to be able to display my memorabilia in public. Until then I have created this ‘virtual’ Museum in order to share my personal  collection with you.

I am eternally grateful to the many players and caddies who have so kindly donated and contributed personal items. I am displaying my items  in good faith that they are as described. I especially want to honour the many Scottish Golfers, who over the years, have added so much to the wonderful game of Golf.”

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Scottish Golf Collection, Gary Dempster

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