Scottish Football Museum

The collections held by the Scottish Football Museum are without question the largest and most important pertaining to Scottish football and reflect the sport as a central aspect of Scottish popular culture since the 1880s. The Museum has built up a large general collection since its inception in 1994 and in addition to this has specific collections pertaining to the Scottish FA and Hampden Park, Scotland’s national football stadium.

The museum has been entrusted with the collections of the Scottish Professional Football League and Queen’s Park FC, Scotland’s oldest Association football club. The collections of the Affiliated Associations, comprising the Scottish Junior FA, Scottish Women’s Football, Scottish Amateur FA, Scottish Youth FA, Scottish Schools FA and Scottish Welfare FA are also cared for by the museum. Other notable collections held by the museum relate to the Glasgow Schools FA, Lanarkshire Junior FA, Scottish Churches FA, Scottish Juvenile FA and Scottish Secondary Juvenile FA.

Significant individual exhibits which can be considered to be highlights of the national football collection as a whole include the Scottish Cup (the oldest existing trophy for Association football), the Glasgow Charity Cup (the oldest charity football trophy in the world), the Airdrie Schools Cup (the oldest schools football trophy in the world), the Queen’s Park FC President’s Chain of Office (comprising over 90 medals, mainly from the nineteenth century), and a match ticket and Scotland shirt badge from the first official international football match of 1872.

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