Glasgow Women's Library

Glasgow Women’s Library is a unique resource in Scotland, housing a huge collection of materials by, for and about women. An accredited museum, lending library and archive, the Library holds a rich and diverse collection of books, artefacts and archives exemplifying the lives of women, charting their historical and contemporary achievements and contributions, all donated by users, supporters, members and publishers.

Glasgow Women’s Library is the only Accredited Museum dedicated to women’s history in the whole of the UK, and in December 2015 we were also designated as a ‘Recognised Collection of National Significance’. Our collection of books, museum artefacts and archives, and our wide array of public events, is open to all.

National Museum of Roller Derby

Glasgow Women’s Library is also home to the National Museum of Roller Derby. Roller derby is an exciting, innovative sport that has been pioneered by women and gathered a loyal following in the first decade of the 21st century. Seeing the parallels between the Women’s Liberation Movement and the Roller Derby scene inspired artist Ellie Harrison to found the National Museum of Roller Derby as her contribution to 21 Revolutions.

The Museum was launched in June 2012 and the Museum’s contents have been growing slowly but surely. Its holdings include:

  • Sports equipment including helmets, wrist sweat bands and roller skate accessories
  • Bout programmes from teams including Glasgow Roller Derby League, London Rockin’ Roller Girls, Leeds Roller Girls and many more
  • A nurse’s uniform worn by a roller derby girl during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012
  • Roller derby influenced publications including Inline.
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