North Lanarkshire Archives

At North Lanarkshire Archives we hold records or items of the following clubs and individuals. Please contact us for further details:

• U10 Airdrie Bowling Club, Airdrie (1852-1994)
• U35 Town & Country Ramblers’ Association, gentlemen’s club, Central Scotland (1881-1882)
• U68 Airdrie Fitness Association, Airdrie (1939-1940)
• U76 Airdrie Harriers Amateur Athletic Club, Airdrie (1933-1976)
• U77 Woodhall Cricket Club, Calderbank (1922-1987)
• U78 Airdrie Angling Club, Airdrie (1847-1919)
• U79 Drumpellier Cricket Club, Drumpellier (1871-1937)
• U114 Coatbridge Angling Club, Coatbridge (1929-1983)
• U176 Calderhead Curling Club, Calderhead (1867-1910)
• U175 Shotts Star Football Club, Shotts (1922-1924)
• U194 Robin Marwick (1936-2015), club historian and chairman of Albion Rovers Football Club, Coatbridge (1884-2015)
• U195 Stepps Lawn Tennis Club, Stepps (1907-1981)
In addition we hold many images of sporting events throughout North Lanarkshire as well as records of recreational clubs of businesses and school sports activities.

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North Lanarkshire Archives
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