Glasgow City Archives

Glasgow City Archives preserves, manages and provides access to the official records of the city and predecessor local authorities, and many other private collections. It is a rich source of sporting heritage.

Our records of sports clubs include:

Angling: West of Scotland Angling Club, 1833 – 1976 (TD749)

Athletics: Cartha Athletic Club, 1912 – 2001 (TD1553)

Bowling: Scottish Bowling Association (TD1777) and records of many individual clubs

Cricket: Clydesdale Cricket Club [probably Glasgow’s oldest surviving team sports club, founded 1848. Also involved in football, played in first Scottish Cup Final], 1848 – 1947 (TD940), Western District Cricket Club Union, 1903 – 1997 (TD1613)

Golf: Pollok Golf Club, 1892 – 2009 (TD1802), Haggs Castle Golf Club, Whitecraigs Golf Club

Swimming: Arlington Baths Club, 1847 – 1971 (TD965), Western Amateur Swimming Club, 1879 – 1974 (TD604)

Walking etc: Glasgow Health Culture Rambling Club, 1908 – 2012 (TD1849), Glasgow Holiday Fellowship Outdoor Club, 1937 – 2018 (TD1937)

GCA’s collections tell the story of the city and its people, from the 12th century to the 21st. Sport is an important part of this. The wider collections situate sporting activity in its proper context and help explore the background, environment and the people involved.

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