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Our Photographic Collection boasts some of the finest examples of early golf photography as well as some of the most highly regarded golf photography from the late 20th century in the Lawrence Levy Collection.

Beyond capturing images of professional golf, our collection provides an insight into the diverse social aspects of the sport: its fans, its role as an industry, its impact on society and its unique landscape being to the fore.

Within our archive we hold two major collections: the George M. Cowie Collection, which contains photographs from the earliest time of photography to circa 1978; and the Lawrence Levy Photographic Golf Collection, which begins in 1978 and continues through to 1993.

In addition to these two collections there are numerous photographs and photographic albums held in various family papers and journals within the Department of Special Collections of the University of St Andrews Manuscripts and Muniments sections, such as the Women Golfers’ Museum Papers and the David Smythe Golfing Diaries.

Captain Campbell, 1860, by Rodger, Thomas, (1832 - 1883), St Andrews, Scotland. ALB-10-147.
Image courtesy of University of St Andrews Library
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