Royal Thames Yacht Club

The Royal Thames is the oldest royal yacht club in the United Kingdom and the oldest continuously operating yacht club in the world. It was established in 1775 when the Duke of Cumberland, brother of George III, put up a silver cup for a race on the River Thames and formed the Cumberland Fleet. This remains the alternative name of the Club today. The Royal Thames Yacht Club name originates from 1830 when William IV came to the throne.
The members originally met in coffee houses. From 1857, the Club owned various properties in London, moving to 60 Knightsbridge, overlooking Hyde Park, in 1923. The present Clubhouse is the result of a development of the site between 1961 and 1963.

The Archive has extensive records on the Club history including minutes, accounts, membership, racing and cruising records, photographs…Apart from the records, the Club has also a considerable number of historic artefacts.

The Archive collection is currently being processed and catalogued.

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