Langton Football Archives

We are a small research and exhibition-support based organisation, founded on the archives of sports journalist and art and sport historian Harry Langton (1929-2000). These have been collated with additional research into several areas of the FIFA-Langton Collection (Preston/Manchester) and the Rugby Football components (Twickenham) of the original Harry Langton Collection (HLC). Langton Football Archives (LFA) actively researches aspects of football origins and development in all codes and its depiction, notably in fine art and historic artefacts.

We provide information and material for international exhibitions and museums. Other specialist areas include the development of footballs and football kit & equipment. The LFA on-loan reference collection has around 10% of the HLC components, representing 35 countries. It includes around 600 reference artefacts and 12,000 photographs mostly 1840-1975, including images representing elements of military context, schools and universities, women’s football, social aspects and many other under-researched areas.

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