The Sainsbury Archive, Museum of London Docklands

The Sainsbury Archive documents the development of the supermarket chain from its foundation in 1869 to the present. The collection includes a few different strands of material relating to sports and sporting heritage.

There is material from Sainsbury’s staff association sporting groups, such as the Griffin Athletic Club. The Griffin Athletic Club formally opened in Dulwich in 1922, and catered for sports including cricket, football, netball, bowling, darts, tennis, swimming and athletics. Events included an annuals sports day.

Records include (dates c.1900-c.1980s):

  • Photographs of sporting events and sports teams;
  • Minutes;
  • Trophies and awards;
  • Events programmes;
  • Newsletters;
  • Clothing;
  • Film footage.

The Archive also holds some material about Sainsbury’s sponsorship of the Paralympic Games (c.2012 onwards) as well as Sainsbury’s sponsorship of Sports Relief (c.2010 onwards). Some of this material is currently closed; please contact the archivist regarding access to this material.

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