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The sheer range of sports on offer to soldiers during the Army’s long history is remarkable. Yet some of these pursuits were not always accessible to the rank and file. At times there were also restrictions on who could compete against whom, and which sports were suitable for certain personnel.


Today, there are no such blocks on which activities soldiers can undertake. The Army Sport Control Board (ASCB), formed in 1918, is the regulatory body for all sports played in the Army. Based in Aldershot, it organises competitions at all levels in 53 different disciplines. In all, the ASCB has 42 affiliated sports unions and associations.

Our website looks at a selection of both the well-known and the more obscure events played by the military, past and present.

Officers of 1st Battalion The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire), representing the range of sports played by the unit, Cawnpore, 1936.
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