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‘Memory Lane – the world famous home of the Spurs story’ is Exposure’s acclaimed, hour-long film documentary made by local film makers and involving young people.
Featuring interviews with local writers, historians, die-hard supporters and football legends, as well as archive photographs, specially created animated graphics, historical music, football chants and rare colour footage capturing the ‘glory, glory’ celebrations of the early 1960s, Memory Lane is the partisan history of Spurs at White Hart Lane, as seen by the fans.

It charts how Tottenham’s reputation as a home for tolerance, diversity and pioneering spirit, has been shaped by key historic milestones associated with the football club, such as:
• Walter Tull (England’s first black outfield footballer) playing for Spurs before WW1;
• locals standing up to racism and Oswald Mosley’s British nationalists before WW2;
• the tearing down of the Nazi flag from the stadium in an England international match against Germany in 1935;
• the ‘glory, glory’ days of the 1960s with Spurs becoming the first English club to win the double and a European trophy;
• Spurs fans’ proud identification as the ‘Yid Army’ as a show of solidarity against anti-Semitism;
• the riots of 1985 and the parallels with the later disturbances of 2011;
• the community’s reaction to Spurs threatening to leave the area for the Olympic stadium;
• the club’s commitment to staying in Tottenham and the planned regeneration work, creating new housing, jobs and business opportunities.
The film traces the evolution of Tottenham itself, an area that has had its share of troubles while also being incredibly diverse and welcoming, and home to a community that can be justifiably proud of its local heritage.
Above all, Memory Lane highlights where it all began: with a bunch of young lads, looking for something to keep themselves busy in the winter months. The drive of these young people encapsulates the character of the club to this day, and reflects the ethos of the Exposure charity itself, enabling local youngsters to thrive creatively (exposure.org.uk).
As writer Adam Powley puts it in the film: “The DNA of the club – it’s there from the start. These young kids; quite bold, quite ambitious… they had something about them.”
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Memory Lane: the world-famous-home-of-the-Spurs story

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