This website has been created to be an online resource for sharing photographs and information about all types of historical player issued caps. This should allow us over time to create a useful and informative resource.

From the private memorabilia collectors, sporting organisations and museum curators, to the person finding a one off cap at the back of their attic.

From School and College sporting teams and a sports infancy, to Professional, Regional and International representation.

To date I have begun covering Rugby Union, Rugby League, Football, Hockey and Cricket. Some of these areas are in their infancy and additional contributions will be warmly received. Other areas like rowing are planned in the future.

Any caps featured will be referenced to the source unless specified otherwise. I am happy to give organisations and museums a page of their own to help raise awareness of their collection. Contact me at honourscaps@virginmedia.com

I hope together we can make this an important source for preserving the heritage, collating and sharing our knowledge, and in doing so help us all create a useful historical record to allow these items to live on.

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