Stoolball England

Stoolball England holds the archive of stoolball and includes many diverse items. John & Kay Price, the chairman of secretary Stoolball England, keep the archive and have a wealth of knowledge about the sport.

About Stoolball

Modern-day stoolball evolved from the Mediaeval game played with a three or four legged stool. Players would have defended the stool with their hand whilst another player attempted to hit the stool with a ball. Stoolball is a striking & fielding game similar to cricket and is played extensively in Sussex and into Kent, Surrey & Hampshire.

Stoolball has had two ‘golden’ periods; Victorian times and again during and after WW1 when the sport was used for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers. Stoolball was played at Lord’s cricket ground and Buckingham Palace. The first Stoolball Association was formed at Lord’s in 1923 by Maj. W W Grantham.

Our collections

  • Stoolball bats dating from 1930s
  • Stoolball balls
  • Newspaper cuttings; Books; Records; Photographs
  • Stoolball ephemera


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