The Museum of the National Rifle Association

First mooted in 1905, the museum project was instituted with the best of  intentions, but circumstances delayed fruition for some 90 years! In the main, it was the lack of suitable premises which posed the problem.

Some of the largest pieces from the NRA’s massive silver collection, including the magnificently impressive National
Challenge Trophy and the huge China Cup, are housed in the Museum. There is a fine library and a picture gallery containing many watercolour paintings of scenes at Wimbledon. Not on display is a study collection of rifles available to the interested on request. These include foreign military equipment on loan, plus many variations of types used in NRA
competitions past and present.

The museum was officially opened on 2 April 1997 when Archie Smith (GM 1925) signed the Visitors Book just 10 days before his 100th birthday. Since that time the comments seem to indicate that our Museum is well presented, interesting and well worth visiting.

Come and see for yourself!

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