British National Yachting Archive

The British National Yachting Archive (BNYA) is a virtual archive which aims to identify sources of information, and catalogue material, about the sport of sailing. This material can be about the boats (yachts, dinghies, powerboats, individual designs and classes), the events, the people, the equipment (designers and builders, business archives), or the organisations (the clubs and class associations). A virtual archive need not hold material (owners can retain their own collections) but may hold digitised copies for user access.

The main aim of BNYA is to identify unknown sources of information. Anyone who has a family history of involvement with the sport, or is currently engaged with the sport, may have information or pictures that we would like to know about.

The archive records (images, documents, artifacts) are identified with a particular collection and are extensively cross-indexed to facilitate research – the database is essentially boat-centric and now contains information on some 10,000 boats and their stories.

Registered with the Charity Commission; number 1131630

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