Breaking Ground at Bradford Park Avenue

In November 2013, Park Avenue football ground, a long-forgotten time capsule of Bradford’s social history, began to be unearthed when archaeologist Jason Wood and artist Neville Gabie conducted the first ever archaeological excavation of a football goalmouth and goalpost. This small intervention generated significant interest and was witnessed by people of all ages. Most had stories to tell; many also brought personal memorabilia and photographs to share. All displayed a passion for the former ground and a willingness to see it investigated and utilized to better effect.

The project was initially funded by the National Football Museum, with the second project being funded through a G for A Grant made in partnership with the National Football Museum. A small selection of the material recovered from the excavations will be on display at the National Football Museum this autumn, with the final destination for all the artifacts is still to be decided.

A book about the project is currently available for pre-order. please check the pdf attachment on this page for details.



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