St Helen's Archive

Overseen by the Swansea RFC Memorabilia Community Interest company, the St Helen’s Archive comprises many thousands of items from jerseys, caps, trophies and medals to illustrations, film and aural recordings, correspondence, maps and more. Whilst displays at St Helen’s, both permanent and seasonal make the collection available to the community, the limits of physical space mean that only a certain portion can ever be viewed at one time.

This website’s objective is to bring the wider collection and the wider community together in a way that will enable the online visitor to link different aspects of the collection together and follow the extended stories they tell. Making the collection universally available allows it to become a powerful and versatile educational tool and enables closer interaction for students, sports enthusiasts and people for whom the players and artefacts relate to their own family history.

It is a collection for everyone, available to everyone, the product of and reflection of the community that brought it into being.

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