Cardiff Rugby Museum

The Cardiff Rugby Museum is a collection of memories, mementos, reminiscences and records. Bringing Cardiff’s unique rugby heritage to life, it aims to capture, preserve, celebrate and share over 142 years of history.

The museum has been created by the CF10 Arms Park Rugby Trust in collaboration with Cardiff Athletic Club and Cardiff Rugby.

The museum contains a record of each item of rugby memorabilia owned by Cardiff RFC and Cardiff Rugby together with items that are either on loan or in private collections. It also provides a summary of results and reports from each season from 1876, and copies of programmes from famous and lesser-known matches. The site is constantly being updated with information and new objects.

The online museum will be expanded to include player and supporter oral histories, educational materials, and much more.

Most memorabilia owned by the club are currently in safe storage, but our ultimate aim is to have all this on public display at Cardiff Arms Park

Whether you are an avid rugby fan or interested in local history, this site has something to offer.

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