Victoria Baths History Archive, Manchester

The Victoria Baths Archive represents the rich social and sporting history of Victoria Baths, the Baths and Wash-houses of Manchester, and the history of swimming and Turkish Baths in general. It contains pictures, documents, objects, audio, video and memories.

Most of his material is now kept in an environmentally controlled store and catalogued as the Victoria Baths Archive using Excel, which can be searched from the office computers. We have used the archive for many purposes, including the publication of a book: “Victoria Baths: Manchester’s Water Palace” (out of print), Victoria Baths Olympic Connections, and a number of leaflets.

Please contact us

We continue to collect material relating to Victoria Baths and linked topics (Baths and wash-houses and swimming in the region, and nationally). Please contact us if you have items that might be added to the collection. We accept donations of items, or copies of documents and photos of objects you wish to keep. The Archive is growing all the time.

We want the archive to provide as many benefits as possible, so we make the archive available to individuals and organisations. Contact us for more information or download the Victoria Baths Archive leaflet.


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