National Football Museum

The National Football Museum exists to explain how and why football has become ‘the people’s game’, a key part of England’s heritage and way of life. It also aims to explain why England is the home of football, the birthplace of the world’s most popular sport.

The Museum is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, disability, sexuality, religion or any other factor. It is not just for those who are interested in or passionate about the sport. NFM aims to be the first point of contact with football for non-fans and an introduction to wider aspects of culture and history for football fans. NFM has a particular focus on those sections of the community that do not usually visit museums and galleries.

The Museum has a long-term mission, a responsibility to protect football’s heritage and culture for future generations as well as current audiences. To find out more about our work, please visit our website.

Our collections

We are proud to care for the world’s greatest football collection – over 140,000 items – including the FIFA Collection, the UEFA Library, the Football Association Collection, the Football League Collection, the People’s Collection, the Homes of Football, the Football Clubs Collection, the Priory Collection, the Neville Evans Collection, the Sir Stanley Matthews Collection, the Littlewoods Pools Collection, and Kicking and Screaming – the BBC archive of footage and film connected with football.  Find out more about the collections we hold.

Exhibitions and events

We explore football – past and present – through world class exhibitions and events, looking at the game from every angle, telling the stories that matter to all of us. To find out more visit our “What’s On” page.

Learning opportunities

We deliver a range of opportunities for learners of all ages, both as informal learning activities and formal learning sessions. Visit out website to find out more about our learning programme.


The National Football Museum aims to portray all aspects of football. The collections cover the experiences of clubs, players, officials, supporters and all concerned with the game at different levels. The museum collections focus on the social history aspects of the ‘People’s Game’ and its influence on all sections of society from early beginnings to global popularity.


National Football Museum
National Football Museum
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