National Fencing Museum

The museum was created to display the history of fencing from 16th Century illustrated books on swordplay to modern sport. We are a private organisation run entirely by volunteers.

Our Collections

The Museum traces the history of the sport of fencing over 450 years. The collections include a library of over 300 books, 250 paintings and prints, 200 weapons, numerous masks, kit, trophies, posters, programmes, medals, stamps, postcards and other ephemera. It provides a glimpse into the past: to a time when the art of fencing was an elegant accomplishment, an essential part of a gentleman’s education and beyond to the days when a knowledge of the science of defence could mean the difference between life and death.

Admission Details

The museum is not open to the general public, but for more information about how to view the collections, or for research purposes, please get in touch.

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