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AEWHA (Hockey) Collection
The collection documents the beginnings and early development of organised hockey played by women in the UK. It covers the period from the inception of the All England Women’s Hockey Association (AEWHA) in 1895 to 1997 when the English Hockey Association (EHA) was established to unite the separate governing bodies for men’s and women’s hockey. It comprises minutes of committee meetings, rules and regulations, annual reports, early journals, newspaper cuttings, match programmes, tournament brochures, and specialist publications. Although the business and activities of the AEWHA forms its main focus, the collection also contains a range of more personal material assembled by prominent players and influential supporters, such as Hilda Light (1890-1967), Marjorie Pollard (1899-1982) and Mary Russell-Vick (1922-2012). Scrapbooks, albums and photographs record the lasting contribution of these pioneering practitioners to the ongoing evolution of women’s hockey.

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