The Neurodiverse Museum

This project is a pilot programme which will begin our work concerning neurodiversity and museums and has been generously funded by the Art Fund.

It will allow us to explore more inclusively and holistically, neurodiversity and museums, beginning with a focus on autism.

The project will:

  • Explore how a museum can easily make reasonable adjustments which ensure that it is more inclusive and accessible for autistic children and adults, working with the R&A World Golf Museum.
  • Develop a literature review of current practice concerning autism and museums
  • Develop an autistic consultancy panel to support the work of Sporting Heritage and the sector going forward
  • Provide resources and training for those working in the sector to increase inclusive practice for autistic audiences

We'll keep this section of our website updated from time to time as the project develops, but we've also created a new website to capture the project activity.

To get in touch, or to get involved, please contact [email protected].