Award Categories

In 2022, there were eight different award categories:

  • Sports Club and National Governing Body Sporting Heritage Award
  • Museums/Archives Sporting Heritage Award
  • Schools Sporting Heritage Award
  • Community Sporting Heritage Award
  • Celebrating Sporting Heritage Diversity Award
  • Recognising Sporting Heritage Volunteer/s Award
  • Sporting Heritage Research Award
  • Sporting Heritage Moment/Event of the Year

Here is the information about what we were looking for in each category:

Award title: Sports Club or National Governing Body Sporting Heritage Award


This award aims to recognise a sporting organisation, club, or governing body of sport, who have worked to develop their heritage activity over the last 12 months. This may be something as grand as the development of a museum space, or it may be the very start of thinking about how the sport or club organises, protects and shares its heritage. We’re as interested in the reasons why you’re doing this and the long term effects on the heritage, as we are on the outcomes.

Award title: Museums and Archives Sporting Heritage Award


Museums and archives across the UK deliver sporting heritage activity. We’re looking for organisations who have used sporting heritage for the first time, increased audiences access using sporting heritage activity, raised up ignored heritage, or shared diverse stories. The activity may be the first small step in the organisations use of sporting heritage, or it may be the culmination of years of development work.

Award title: Schools Sporting Heritage Award


We know that many schools celebrate their local and national sporting heritage throughout the year. For some schools this may be through creating exhibitions about a local sporting hero, for others it may be creating an archive of the schools sporting past, or perhaps it might be keying in to local sports clubs or national events to inspire children and young people. We want to hear about how your school, or someone within your school, has made a significant contribution to the understanding of sporting heritage over the last 12 months.

Award title: Community Sporting Heritage Award


Sporting heritage is at the heart of communities. We know that there is excellent activity taking place locally and at grass-roots to better understand our sporting past, its relationship to varied communities, and it’s place in societies future. We want to hear about any organisation that has worked with a community to develop sporting heritage activity, or from a community organisation which has worked to develop sporting heritage programming. We want to hear how this work has impacted on communities, which communities, and why this activity is important to your locality.

Award title: Celebrating Diversity Sporting Heritage Award


There are few heritage sectors which tell the story of diverse communities and individuals as well as sporting heritage. However, as with all heritage, the focus on this heritage has often been very static – there are many stories which remain untold, ignored, or removed from the formal heritage record.

This award aims to celebrate the diversity of sporting heritage through recognising an individual or organisation which has researched, shared, or begun to explore a non-traditional heritage story. For example, nominations may focus on women, LGBT communities, black heritage, Asian heritage, other ethnic minority heritage, indigenous people’s heritage, disabled people’s heritage or neurodivergent people’s heritage. It may also explore socio-economic models of diverse heritage.

Award title: Recognising Sporting Heritage Volunteers Award


Volunteers are essential to the development and delivery of sporting heritage across the UK! So many people give their time and expertise to collect, look after, and share sporting heritage. These collections have huge personal and communal significance and without the work of volunteers, many collections would be lost and their stories untold. We want to hear about how volunteers have worked to save and share sporting heritage, what obstacles they have faced to do this, and the impact of their activity as a result.

Award title: Sporting Heritage Research Award


Sporting heritage is still at the beginning of its journey. Within academic and research circles, there are many who are developing our knowledge and understanding of the role and value of these collections across agendas as diverse as health and wellbeing, education, sports participation, and heritage engagement. We want to hear about research activity which has moved our understanding of sporting heritage along – perhaps it’s focussed on a specific area of previously ignored heritage, or perhaps it’s demonstrated for the first time why sporting heritage has a role to play in supporting individuals mental health.

Award title: Sporting Heritage Moment / Event of the Year Award


Every year there are those special sporting heritage moments that transcend beyond their sporting sector and captivate us all. These exceptional occasions make their undeniable mark in history with an impact that will long influence and inspire future generations and our communities.

For this award we want you to nominate your Sporting Heritage Moment or Event related to a particular individual, team or occasion and tell us why they deserve to be our 2022 winner. After a year that included so many momentous sporting firsts, achievements and celebrations it’s sure to be a difficult decision selecting just one!

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